Hallmark Stone Company:

  • recycles 80% of the water we use in our plant thanks to an investment in a water filtration system in 2019.
  • Sends no stone to landfills, all granite and quartz is crushed and re-purposed as clean fill for road projects.  Approximately 130 dump truck loads are recycled each year.
  • Reduced fuel consumption by converting all of our measurement technicians from full vans and trucks to small SUV’s over the last 5 years.
  • Implemented state of the art digital templating technology that is completely paperless and eliminates the need for cardboard or Chloroplast plastic templates
  • Is pursuing a path to go Paperless! Hallmark Stone uses technology to communicate job details to our field crews for most projects reducing the need for paper packets.
  • Recycles all office paper goods.
MO Water Environment Gold Award 2019