Yes. Hallmark Stone works hard to protect you and your home.  We background check and drug test all of our employees that will step foot on your property.  We use our own employees, we do not subcontract the template or install to another company.  Respect for your home is of utmost importance to us.

  • If your cabinets are out of level 1/8” – 1/4”, shimming will be required.
  • If your cabinets are out of level 1/4” – 1/2”, the countertops can be shimmed but the gap will have to be caulked or covered with wood trim by the homeowner. The homeowner can request the installer to caulk this gap.
  • If the cabinets are more than 1/2” out of level, your install may have to be postponed until your carpenter is able to level the cabinets.

The countertop needs to be level when installed so shims are added to do this. This is completely normal and just about every job requires a shim somewhere.

In most cases, the install will take one day.  In cases where you are getting full height backsplash, backsplash going between your countertop and an upper bar or backsplash going up to existing tile, we will return a few days later to finish the installation. The first day we will install your new countertops, and we will measure for the splash at that time. We do this in 2 trips to get a tight fit.  A few business days later, we will return to install the splash.

We recommend waiting 24 hours to reconnect plumbing, faucets, and appliances.  This will give the adhesive time to dry and set, so that no gaps will occur.  Please also wait a few hours before touching the seams.

From template to install our lead time is approximately 7-9 business days.

Most projects are complete within a couple of hours in the home depending on overall size, location from our shop, and complexity of the project.  When we schedule the installation date with you, we can give you a more specific answer for your project.