After Installation and Maintenance

Yes, this is normal. Small chips are found in most Granite and Quartz countertops. One of the final steps in the installation process is to fill small chips. Epoxy combined with natural stone is used to fill these chips. If you find a chip after installation is complete, please mark it by placing a small piece of masking tape by the chip and call us to schedule a follow-up.

Blot the spill with a paper towel immediately. Don’t wipe the area because it will spread the spill. Flush the area with mild soap and water then rinse. Dry the area thoroughly with a soft cloth. Repeat as necessary. Your granite surface has been sealed prior to installation but may require additional sealing after install due to the porosity of the stone. Once sealed properly there should be little or no staining. However, if a stain does persist please see the section below regarding stain removal. A honed or brushed surface will stain much faster than a polished surface and must be sealed more frequently.

It is possible that spills left on the surface for an extended period of time could cause some residual staining. These stains usually dissipate over time on their own. If a stain does persist, there is a simple method to remove most stains. Combine a poultice powder with a small amount of mild liquid dish detergent to form a pasty substance. Apply the substance over the stain. Cover the stain with a clear plastic wrap, tightly sealing the edges with tape to lock in the air. After allowing this to sit for a couple of days, the poultice will draw the stain out of the stone surface. Contact us if the stain persists.

  • To protect countertop surfaces, use coasters, trivets or placemats.
  • Avoid using vinegar, lemon juice or other citric juices directly on the surface of the stone.
  • Avoid using cleaners that contain acids such as bathroom cleaners, grout cleaners and tub and tile cleaners.
  • Avoid using abrasive cleaners such as dry cleansers or soft cleansers.
  • If you have a honed or brushed material, be aware that this can stain faster than polished material.

Yes! With our Extended Service, we will clean countertops, fill chips, check and secure the sink, re-seal with 15 year Perma Sealer, and check and reset your seams (if needed). We also provide a Basic Service, but this does not include the 15 year Perma Sealer. Please call our office for pricing on our basic and extended service.

Your countertop purchase comes with a 1 year installation warranty, which may cover filling chips or resetting seams.  If your countertops are outside of the 1 year warranty, please call our office for more details.

All of our countertops come with a 1 year Installation Warranty from Hallmark Stone. For Quartz countertops, each quartz brand and manufacturer have different product warranties. Please see our Warranty Page to find warranty information regarding your specific brand of quartz countertops.