Quartz surfacing is composed of 93% quartz crystals and 7% polyester resin. Quartz has taken the best of what nature has to offer in terms of the durability and the beauty of stone. Through extensive engineering, a manufacturing process was developed utilizing intense pressure and heat to increase the color consistency, stain resistance and strength of this stone product. Being non-porous, Quartz does not require the use of sealants, and it withstands typical wear and tear beautifully. Professionally developed colors are computer-calibrated to maintain consistency, allowing designers and customers to make the perfect selection from samples. For more information visit our FAQ Page.

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Granite is a natural stone consisting of the minerals, quartz, feldspar and Mica. Natural veins, fissures and mineral deposits combine to give granite its beautiful and natural appearance. Its extreme hardness makes granite uncommonly durable and extremely appealing for use every day in the home. Fissures and small pits are common and in some cases can be filled during fabrication or installation. Granite does require sealing annually if you choose not to add our permanent sealer. For more information visit our FAQ Page.

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Additional support is required on overhangs typically greater than 10″.

Standard Flat Bracket 3/8″ Steel[/caption]

Standard L Bracket 3/8″ Steel



Expectations for Natural Stone Countertop Installations
An Understanding of Templating, Tear Out, Fabrication, Installing

You are considering purchasing one of the most beautiful and durable countertops on the market.  We have created a booklet to ensure that you understand the features of Granite and Silestone and are familiar with the templating, tear-out, and the installation process.  In making sure you are informed, we hope to ensure your satisfaction.